The Kids and Grandkids

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 Poppa Time is always fun!!!


Jason And Kelly

Jason And Kelly



This is our youngest son, Josh and his wife Stacy.  As you can probably tell, Josh loves to hunt.  Stacy?  Well, she just loves Josh!


These are the girls, or at least some of them.  Grace, Rebekah, Ellie, and Abby.

Jason, Kelly and Cash
The Flora Crew
Jim, Sara Jo, Abigail, Ellie Kate and J.D.


Kindergarden here I come!
Kindergarden here I come!Ellie Kate would really like to go to Kindergarten too. She told Abby’s teacher that she was going to skip preschool and go to Kindergarten. Too bad the state of MO has laws about age. I think Ellie could hold her own in a Kindergarten class today at 3 1/2 years old : )



Rebekah, Anna, and Gracie




  1. Hello Flora family! Just thought I would tell you that I am very excited for you all and hope this experience turns out to be a wonderful one. (I played ball at Pleasant Hope the past 4 years and my grandma babysits Jim and Sara’s kids sometimes… that’s so oyu know who I am in case you didn’t recognize my name.) Coach Flora sent your web address to my mom who forwarded it to me. I hope and pray all is going and continues to go well. God Bless:)


  2. these pictures are so sweet I love the one of everybody on Bro. Jim:)

  3. Thanks, for posting one of my bet pics! I will have to send you some more pictures of us.

  4. This is actually Rhonda, Teresa oh how I miss you! I miss you I miss you! We are fostering a little Princess named Summer! She is two and beautiful! Guess what?! The DHS worker tells us she is up for adoption…the only set back (and I am thinking it isn’t) is she has 3 older siblings! My thoughts? Bring it on! I have learned from the best! God is so good! I am more in love with Him then I can speak! He is good always! Miss you! Love you and can’t wait to hear how things are going! Bless you!

  5. Hey, everybody! This is “Ms. Jennifer”, your music lady at the AMTM VBS in Joburg! I am sorry it has taken so long for me to write. I hope you are all doing well.

    Love to you all,

  6. Hola from Espana! I enjoyed reading ALL of your entries. The girls seem to be doing well and enjoying their new lives. Teresa, just wanted to let you know that I miss seeing your sweet face and I pray that I can be just half the woman you are. What a blessing it is to have known you, even if just for a short time. I will be checking in often to see how you are all doing. If you ever find one of those babies that needs a momma and daddy to take them home…let us know! We have room for at least 2 more and I have visions of Africans filling those spots:)
    With Joy-Katie Brou

  7. Jim and Teresa, we are praying for you as a family. Bob and I are so happy for you! The girls look great and seem so happy. I can’t wait to hear more. I am so impressed with the girls–you are making such a difference in the kingdom of God.
    We love your whole family!

  8. Teresa~ Every night when I tuck my angels into bed and pray with them I am thankful for such a Godly woman that taught me that I could love children that don’t have my last name and that sometimes don’t want to listen but who aren’t afraid to call me Mommy and love me more that words can say! Through your teaching I am now teaching my children to love as Christ would! You are my everyday hero! I am counting the days until I see you and can hug your kneck and thank you for being Jesus to the world! I love you! Rhonda Jo

  9. Teresa, I’m a friend of your sister and have heard so much about you and wanted you to know we are excited about what God is doing and is going to do because you have heard His call and are obedient. Our church is praying for Anna and her hand problem right now and we join others in praying for your language lessons that I understand are pretty hard. God Bless!

    1 Corinthians 3:9 ~ We are God’s Co-workers~

    Nancy Stewart, FBC Highlands

  10. Beautiful kindergarten pics…I’m sure Ellie could hold her own, what a bundle of fun she is. She makes me smile and laugh almost every Sun.

  11. This is Rhonda once again on Doug’s computer! As I write I am sitting with three of the most beautiful little girls! 1 of which was born from my flesh and the other 2 from my heart! I also have 2 little boys in another building and another little princess in her “class”! not to mention another little boy in a foster home waiting for me to take him home and begin our journey as a forever family! We had it good with three kids but now we have it great! I can’t begin to tell you how my heart spills over for them and how when they cry I can kiss away the hurt or when they laugh the laughter is so exciting that we all get in on it! I can’t begin to express how you and Bro. Jim taught Doug and I about a love that is so incrediable that only God could put it there! These are my children and I am so excited about this journey! We still can’t post pics. until they are legally ours and once that happens I will be sending you a pic. of them alll! We miss you! We love you and we are so proud that you are sharing about our Jesus with this loss world! Love and Miss you!

  12. Beautiful family Jim.You are so blessed.

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