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Bekah said..."Mom, I just can't stop smiling!"

Bekah has finally lost her first tooth.  She wiggled and wiggled, and finally the dentist had to pull it when the permanent tooth had no room to grow in.  She was a little afraid at the dentist, but the fear didn’t last for long when the dentist popped the tooth out.  Everytime she passed a window, mirror, or a person on the streets of S.Africa she smile, an overly large smile, just hoping that someone would notice her missing tooth!


The Wedding…by Bekah Flora

New News from Rebekah . . .
Rebekah has informed her mom: “You can’t do this!”
Mok Survey #4 056
“You can’t do this because you aren’t black.  Only black people can carry buckets on their heads.”
Preaching in Lesotho…I’m the Only One Who Knows the Language
July 22, 2009
Rebekah July 09 008
Today, while I was working in the kitchen I heard Rebekah talking VERY loud.  She was standing near the dining room with her bible in one hand and a toy microphone in the other.  She was speaking part “Sesotho-her version” and part English.  Her message went something like this…God is powerful…click…click…God knows everything…jibberish…jibberish…God hates sin…click…click…God keeps His promises…pretty good theology for a 5 year old.  Not sure what’s up with the glasses. 
Missionary, Rebekah Joy
June 27, 2009 077
Bekah is funny….Most of the time.
Rebekah says some pretty funny things.  We have traveled so many miles lately that EVERY time we get in the car she wants to know if it will be a “long time”.  She has adjusted pretty well to our new life.  Sometimes when we are looking at pictures of Abby, Ellie, and JD and our other “brothers and sisters” she gets really quiet and turns away.  She asked me this week when she would get to play with Abby and Ellie again.  It is hard for her to understand the concept of time.  She has no idea what 3 years means or 3 days for that matter.  Yesterday, we gave the security guard here at the cottage where we presently live, a plate of American style dinner.  Bekah said, “Mommy, you are nice.”  Our prayer for Bekah  and her sisters is that even though moving away from our family and friends has been the hardest thing we have ever had to do,  the girls will see us “live” Jesus before them.  Who knows, when Bekah grows up maybe she will follow Christ to the ends-of-the-earth.


Just Bekah…

Bekah’s Dollhouse

 Bekah’s Dollhouse…first floorBekah’s dollhouse…2nd floorBekah’s dollhouse…3rd floor
Dec 2, 2010…today Bekah went to Mokhotlong with her dad.  They left the house at 4:30am and she was in a great mood, looking forward to traveling alone with her dad.  I gave her last minute instructions that included the following:  it is your responsibility to tell dad to slow down, watch those donkeys, be careful, LOOK OUT FOR THAT ROCK!  Those are my duties when we travel together.  Jimmy had to make a quick trip to Mok to pay our security guard, Halijoe.  There was no way around it.  We have no other way to get money to him.  While Bekah and her dad were gone, the girls and I spent the day completing one of Bekah’s Christmas presents.  Her dad made her a dollhouse and the girls and I were the interior decorators.  We sewed up some curtains, bedspreads, upholstered a chair, made a couch and a few throw rugs.  Her house has a kitchen, living room downstairs-a bedroom for the family on the second level-and the third floor has room for the bathroom and the recording studio.  She even has an attic on top for storage.  We called dad a little while ago and asked if we could give her this Christmas gift early.  He said yes and we are waiting anxiously for Bekah to come home.  The internet connection is really slow today, when it is better we will post a picture or two of Bekah with her dollhouse.



Sometimes, Mom and Dad bring babies home...and I get to love them!



There are a few things that Rebekah doesn’t like and she has no problem telling you about them.  Here is a list of things she doesn’t like…
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • ants
  • green beans
  • “when Gracie pinches me”

These are the things that Bekah likes…

  • hamburgers
  • broccolli
  • Abby, Ellie Kate, and JD
  • zebras
  • Emma-my new friend…she is going to Africa too!
  • giraffes
  • bears
Rebekah is 5 years old.  She has made the adjustment of living at the International Learning Center and really loves her new school.  In Bekah’s school the teachers are all missionary kids.  Big ones.  They are wonderful.  Bekah is learning so much.  Each day the class studies a new country.  Each country studied is a country that one of the missionary kids from this orientation group is going to.  Bekah’s friends are going to Malawi, South America, Europe, and several countries that are a secret…these countries are not open to the gospel.  Several of her friends are going to Africa with us, not to Lesotho, but to other African countries.  Many of them will be at our orientation in Zambia.  Bekah seems to not mind the suitcases in every room, eating at the cafeteria, mom and dad being in class all day, and all the talk about moving again.  Please pray for Bekah as our next move is coming very soon.  In her young little life she has moved from Haiti to Springfield to Virginia…and now to Africa.











 Packing my bags…

I am going to put these things in my suitcase headed for Africa…

  • phone
  • clothes
  • Polly Pockets
  • a horse
  • Barbie
  • cheerios
  • cookies
  • Box of lunch food
  • Abby
  • Ellie
  • JD
  • that’s all 

Me and My Best Friend, Abigail Faith Flora

My Best Friend, and Me

Hi, My name is Rebekah Joy Flora.  I am 4 years old.  I am a “little kid.”  I am from Haiti and my name was Dawencia.   I am going to “Salutooo Africa” with my family.  When I get there I am going to play with my new friends.  I will be with Mommy, and Daddy, and my sisters.  I am going to get there “with an airplane.”  “I am happy to go, but I will miss Abby, and Ellie, and JD, and Sara, and Jim, and Josh, and Stacy, and Jason, and Kelly, and Granny, and Xavier, and Uncle Stacy, and Aunt Codi, and Uncle Wes, and Rachel, and Andrew, and Mama, and all my family, and all my friends at my church.”

If I could give the little children in “Salutoo” anything for Christmas, I would give them…

  • a teddy bear
  • a doll
  • grapes
  • hamburger
  • a movie…”I love trucks”
  • a bear outfit
  • and an outfit for Halloween…maybe a zebra or lion outfit



February 7, 2011

I liked the wedding. I liked the dancing. I liked the bride, she was pretty. I liked the whole wedding. The End




  1. Bekah I know you will love your new friends in “Salutoo” Have lots of fun with them and your family.

    I will miss you very much,

    Debbie Mardell

  2. Bekah,
    All of your family and friends at your church will miss you too. You are going to have fun meeting new friends. Keep smiling and laughing and you will have love from the people in your new village.

  3. I love you bekca I hope you find alot of new friends you are so sweet. Steph

  4. Hi Rebekah
    Tell lots of kids about Jesus and try not to scare them too bad with your googly eyes.

    I love you

  5. Rebekah,

    I can’t wait to hear how God uses you in “Salutoo”. There is a boy or girl just waiting to hear about Jesus from you and that will get one of you big hugs. I agree with Debbie, though, don’t scare them with your googly eyes!

    I will miss you!
    Susie Compton

  6. Who am I going to look at on Sunday’s and hear scream when they see me? I guess it will just have to be Abbie. But no one can replace you. I love you.

    Debbie Mardale

  7. Bekah –

    I know Africa is NOT ready for you!! It won’t take you long to whip them into shape.
    Nobody is cuter than you!! Hope you will be able to take bubble baths in Africa?
    Love you!

  8. Hi Bekah!
    Your smile made me so happy last night at the restaurant! I was so glad to see you. I hope you liked the heart lollipops. I like to eat lollipops, especially red ones! I love you!

  9. Rebekah,

    I’m thinking back to your first winter in Missouri. It is pelting down sleet! BRRRRR! It is cold! I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. I would say that it is a snow day, but I think is is more like an ice day! I sure hope Virginia is warmer than than Missouri right now!!!!! I miss you, my crazy eyed little friend!!!!!!


  10. Rebekah, how are you my silly girl? It’s cold outside here and lots of ice. Stephanie and Hannah went sledding. You would have liked riding with them. Keep smiling…love and miss you.


  11. Hi Bekah,

    How do you like your new room and bed? Is it fun being with the big girls? I love you and miss your hugs.

    Debbie D

  12. Bekah!!!!!
    🙂 you’re like my little sister along with your other sisters:) I really miss you and I hope you have a good SAFE trip into Africa:)
    Love you,

  13. Rebekah,

    You make me smile everytime I work out on the WiiFit. When I see your character with the funny glasses, I think about the fun we had when your family came to our house for supper. It makes me want to workout more!


  14. I loved your pictures!!!!!!! One thing wrong, you weren’t blowing kisses. Your new friends would enjoy them and I bet you have made alot too. Keep more pictures coming. Love you and miss you. DeDe

  15. bekah, you are soooo cute in these pics i love you grace

  16. Hey Bekah u are getting so big I luv taking to u on web cam

  17. Hey Bekah. How are you doing? I bet you have a lot of new friends. Did you know we have snow of Saturday? It was really pretty. I love you and miss you. I have to set with Claire at supper on Wednesday and miss having you there with me, but I know you are where God wants you.


    Debbie Dale

  18. Bekah-boo!! I miss hearing your laugh and hearing you yell my name from all over the church. I bet you are having a really good time so far on your adventure. Be a good girl and give your mama a big hug for me! I love you!

    Jenni 🙂

  19. Bekah,

    I hope you get to see giraffes and zebras in Africa.

    I can picture you riding your horse and having lots of fun.

    And I bet you’ll learn the new language before Mom and Dad do!


    Martha Templeton

  20. Hi Bekah!
    I really like your pictures! I made copies of them so I can share them with the GA’s and RA’s at my dad’s church. I know they are going to really like them. Keep smiling!

  21. Bekah,
    I was thinking about you the other day when I heard a little girl laugh that sounded like you. It made my heart ache for you and your craziness. I love you miss you everyday.
    Claire Dale

  22. Bekah,
    I don’t particulary like spiders and snakes either. The other day we knew we had a mouse in the house. We set a sticky trap one night and guess what????? We caught TWO mice. Oh, those little creatures. I am glad we caught them and I hope no more get in. Still I would rather have a mouse in the house than a snake. I had one of those in the house once and once is definitly enough.
    I am sorry you sometimes get pinched. I was the one that pinched my sister when I was little. Not a good idea.

    I do like hamburgers like you and broccolli most of the time and I know I like you. Keep smiling for Jesus.

  23. bekah,
    i miss u so much u were very cute in these pictures. i hope ur having fun in africa. i hope u get to c giraffes and zebras. and if u get REALY luck bears(from a distance)lol i mioss u and love u
    cynthia 😉 🙂 😛 :^)

  24. Oh becka I think about u and your smile every day I can’t wait too see u in three years!

  25. Bekah, I met you when your Aunt Codi brought you to our church before you left for Africa. You have a beautiful smile, and God will use that smile to touch other little children so you can tell them about Jesus. God bless you, and I hope you have a fun day today with all the little children in Africa.

    Nancy Stewart, FBC Highlands

  26. Keep telling God’s word little Angel! I miss you! Ms. Rhonda

  27. Hi Bekah–I love your picture preaching God’s
    Word!!! You are a sweet little girl
    and I know you are going to lead
    many children to Jesus as you
    grow older—
    Don’t forget how much
    I love you!!!!!!!

  28. Hi Becca,
    I see from your picture you are following mom and dad. What a wonderful little girl you are.
    I know the kids in the village love to be around you, laughter is catching. You look like you are having fun.
    Love ya pumpkin.
    adopted grandma Pat

  29. Hey, Becca,
    Keep preaching God’s good news about Jesus to everyone you meet. I am sure the glasses and microphone will help! You are such a cutie!

    Nokie and girls

  30. Hi Bekah,
    I like your new picture! My goodness, you have grown! Will you show me how to carry a bucket on my head when I go to Africa?
    your friend,
    Dalia 🙂

  31. Hey Bekah,
    Stephie Dawn is at my house tonight. We love your pictures. You keep on preaching for Jesus.
    We love you.
    Stephie and Karen

  32. Dear Bekah–I love your picture carrying the water pot on your head.. Would you believe that I tried to do that when I was a little girl? Would you believe that Mam-maw was ever a little girl? I know you will believe that I got pretty wet every time I tried to do that!!!! Remember how much I love you. I wish I was there to help you love and hold all those little children. Hugs & kisses, Mam-maw

  33. Hope you have a happy birthday. Give you Mom and Dad and sisters a hug for us.
    Love, David and Lora

  34. Dear Rebekan–You keep on loving all those babies–I wish I were with you–I would help you love them and hug them and kiss them and we would have lots of fun!!! Lots of love, Mam-maw

  35. i love you becca!your a great cuz even though sometimes i dont act like it…..i love you veryy much!see u soon!!!

  36. Bekah,

    How are you doing? I have enjoyed looking at your page. I am going to come visit you in July. I can’t wait to see you and your family:)

    Love you bunches,

  37. Bekah,
    Thursday Julie took Cynthia to the doctor. She has asthma, and they gave her two breathing treatments, prednisone, a nebulizer, and some other medicine. She is better now. I hope you are, too. God is really using using you and Gracie and Anna in His Work! We love you!

  38. Hi Bekah,

    Are you ready for winter in Africa?

    We pray for you and all your family. We pray for the children there, too. I’m glad you are trying to do what you can to help them.

    Love you,

    Gene and Martha

  39. Congratulations! I just read where you became a Christian. That is wonderful news. I know your parents are proud of you and so are David and I.
    Love you, Lora

  40. Bekah,

    We are so excited for you! Wish we were there to give you a big hug to welcome you into the Family of God. We can’t wait to see your African baptism. Tell mommy to take good pictures.

    Tony, Gina, Nathan and Allison

  41. Bekah Flora! I love and miss you and am so excited for you!
    Bekah Dale

  42. Hi, Bekah — I’m still rejoicing over your salvation!! Be sure to work hard learning your school lessons…education is really important… Be sure to remember how much I love you !! Hugs & Kisses — Mam-maw —

  43. Hey Bekah Boo! I love you bunches! I miss you! love, Taylor

  44. Happy Birthday, Miss Bekah! Hope you have a fun filled day!

  45. Bekah,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can’t believe you are 7 already. I love your dollhouse. I always wanted one when I was little. Have fun playing with it. Is your dad a good teacher? Help take care of your mom while she is getting well.

    We love you and pray for you. Martha Templeton

  46. Bekah,

    You looked so pretty all dressed up for the wedding. Was it fun?

    We are excited about the baptismal service Saturday, and all the trips to the villages.

    We love you and pray for you every day.

    Martha Templeton

  47. Such a big, beautiful smile — I can tell you had a wonderful time — I always enjoy the things you tell me about your life in Africa — I love you, Mam-Maw

  48. Hey Bekha! Reading your blog and seeing your smiles made me laugh as I remembered some funny times with you in the mountains. Hope you are studying hard and making good grades. You are so cute holding and caring for the babies. I know you are a great help to mom. Please give her a hug from me. Take care. Daniel and Mohau say hi! We all miss you. It is cold here in Alaska and there is so much snow they do not know where to put it anymore. We eat moose here and salmon, some bear. There is lots of wild life here and it is beautiful but part of our hearts will always be there with the Basotho and the mountains and of course…all of you. 🙂

  49. Hi Bekha! Its Avery I am Tabitha’s girl. I CAN’T wait to meet you Sunday in Perryton.It is sad we moved away from the old church but I WILL come to Lesotho sometime to see you and your sisters and Mom and Dad and EVERYONE. Your so cute and funny. I hope that your having fun and enjoying being back in the States. I am going to head down to Perryton tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you.


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