Prayer Needs

We continue to wait for God to open the doors for our relocation to Mokhotlong.  A family has offered us their land, but we are having a hard time getting all the legal paperwork completed. 

Today, please pray . . .

That the Government would release the land for distribution

100 young men, in 100 different villages in the Mokhotlong region, following Christ, and becoming evangelists to the mountain Basotho



For US churches that are partnering with us to reach the Basotho for Christ!.


That God would do “exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or think” in Lesotho (Eph. 3)

Also please pray for:


Please continue to pray for:

1. For the salvation of those dying with AIDS

– there are approximately 500,000 people in Lesotho living

with AIDS

– every year 7000 babies are infected with the AIDS virus

– life expectancy for women: 44

– life expectancy for men: 39

– 110,000 AIDS orphans

– most orphanages in Lesotho are unregulated

– 51% of women are infected/28% of men

– there are only 89 doctors in the entire country

– only six of those doctors are pediatricians for 800,000


2. For the recognition of the One True God as the Giver of the

growth and harvest of crops

– the Mokhotlong District is an agricultural area

– most of the Basotho in the district are subsistence farmers

– those with AIDS need to consume 30% more calories

per day than those without AIDS. 80% of those who are

HIV positive do not have enough food (approx. 400,000)

3. For deliverance from tribal beliefs

– breaking of the strongholds of the sangomas (witch doctors)

– that God would move in such a way that the Gospel would

be seen as the One True God and Jesus as the Way of

Salvation and reveal His power.

– that the Basotho would understand the personal aspect of

relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

4. For government officials and continuing openness to the gospel

– King Letsie III

– Queen Masenate Mohato Seeiso

<Joy for the journey.

Generally, pray for Missionaries to . . .


Ø      Love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds

Ø      Be humble and submissive in spirit to the Lord

Ø      Be diligent and consistent in spiritual disciplines

                 of Bible study and prayer

Ø      Be protected spiritually, physically, and


Ø      Know wisdom, understanding, and leadership

                 from God

Ø      Live pure and holy lives in thought, word, and


Ø      Be bold in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

Ø      Be able to rest in the Lord, to trust His

                 faithfulness when feeling overwhelmed by the

                 needs around them

Ø      Have favor in the eyes of the local governments

                 for open doors to the Gospel

Ø      Be strong and courageous, especially in hostile


Ø      Reflect the love of Christ in all environments

Ø      Experience a special touch of the Lord’s presence

                 in times of loneliness



  1. Today I am praying for you Psalm119:116-117, “116 Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live;
    do not let my hopes be dashed.

    117 Uphold me, and I will be delivered;
    I will always have regard for your decrees.”

    Today I pray for your new family in the mountains…that they will treasure you in their hearts as I have and always will…I love you.

  2. I will always pray for you guys and hope that with Gods help you are able to plant many churchs and help many others grow in the lord.

  3. We prayed last night at bible study in Walnut Grove Missouri . You have touched our hearts in our little town, THANK YOU! I praise the lord everyday for you and he will open all doors needed to spread the word. May god bless you and your mission members. with Love First Baptist Church Of Walnut Grove

  4. I am praying for you. Thank you for following God’s plan, you are taking more than your family you are taking hundreds with you. Love and prayers from Walnut Grove First Baptist Church

  5. Hope all is well! I Pray for quick learning and all of your physical and spiritual needs be met. From Walnut Grove First Baptist Church

  6. We pray for you every day, especially in learning the language. It sounds impossible, but with God, nothing is impossible! I’m off work for June and July, but June is going to be gone before I know it. We’re remodeling the bathrooms (to be specific, our son David and a friend of his are) and it’s taking much longer than I thought, plus making a big mess all through the house. We have two weeks to complete it before company from Oregon arrives. But this is all minor stuff compared to the really important things. Last week was quite a week. David and Bill (our youngest son) both had wrecks that totaled their vehicles. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Gene had an acute attack of diverticulitis Friday, and we spent the day in Urgent Care. He says he’s better now. I hope it clears up without surgery. I love reading about your adventures, and the people there. I hope we can put together things for the shepherd boys, to keep them warm and fed. Delinda and I talked about it, and I’m sure the church will pitch in with all their hearts. Love, Martha

  7. Teresa, because of your dear sister, I have become aware of your family’s new journey to become missionaries to Africa. I want to be a prayer partner for you just as we have been prayer partners for Jason & Dorothea, missionaries from our church. When Jason came back earlier in the spring, he brought us a tapestry of Africa, and each Sunday, I not only look at where Jayson & Dot are serving but also where you and your family will be serving and I say a prayer. We need to send you a picture of this beautiful tapestry. It is a wonderful prayer reminder to keep y’all lifted up to the Lord. May He give you the desires of your heart today. We are also praying for Anna with her hand problem.

    1 Corinthians 3:9 ~ We are God’s Co-workers ~

    Nancy Stewart, FBC Highlands

  8. Hello Jim, Teresa and Girls,
    I pray for you every morning as I read the IMB Prayer Points paper.
    Thank you for the informative web site. It helps know how to pray.
    God bless you all in all ways always.
    Jim Wilcox

  9. Hi,
    Our prayers go up each morning around 4:45 for you and all the ones you will touch that day.
    For health, wisdom, the needs of the people there. I wish there was more I could do for you all.
    Thanks for sharing it means a lots to us.
    Thank you for putting me in touch with those I can work with to help .
    I wonder about Bro Jim, pain he always has.
    I am surprised you all have such cold weather. Maybe next winter you will have more items to work with.
    Thanks for sharing. Love you all. Pat

  10. Jim and Teresa, a special prayer for you. A prayer for strength, and your lanuage. I know this week, boundaries will be broken by your voices in a way you did not know you could speak. I praise Him for it. I pray for rest amongest all the activities. That you feel the refreshment of His spirit upon your lives. So, thankful for your child’s job! The Lord provides for us so generously. I pray you feel His presence surrounding you and give you boldness. Alta

  11. My wife and I along with 100 or so kids prayed for you all the last 3 night of VBS in Reynolds, Georgia. We will continue to pray as we finish VBS…and beyond. God Bless you all.

    In Christ,
    Wes Summers

  12. Today I pray for you that God’s grace continually be with you that your language learning will make moves every day. For the past four days, there have been almost 400 kids in Grace Baptist Church in Taiwan praying for your family and your work there. God bless!

  13. Gracie Flora and Flora Family,

    We were introduced to you and the work God is doing through you this week in VBS at our church. We prayed daily for you with the 4 groups of children that came through our Missions Room every day. I am still praying for you today and know the children are too (we made prayer reminders with them the last day, so they better be, LOL). Thank you for being a Godly example of Willing, Waiting, Watching, Walking (our last tongue twister).

    Just like we need to be reminded that the folks we see on the video serving far away are real (and getting shucked off horses), I wanted you to be reminded that people learning about you through the VBS program are real and praying for you.

    That’s how amazing our God is and how much he cares for us!

    Janet Castle, First Baptist Church of Mount Holly, New Jersey, USA

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