Our “Going Deep” Church Partners

What, exactly, is a church that “Goes Deep?”  Please allow me  to use a scene from my past to help explain. 

Many years ago, when my body was much younger, and my judgment somewhat questionable, I participated in a game called football.  This wasn’t your average football game.  It wasn’t on Friday night, or even Saturday afternoon.  It was one day after work.  I was working in the chemical industry, and our unit either challenged or was challenged to a game of football.  Tackle football.  No helmets.  No pads.  Lots of guts.  And pain, lots of pain.  See why I said my judgment was questionable?  The opposition kicked off to us.  I remember we were on about our own 30 yard line, for our first play.  The quarterback looked at me, and said, “Let’s see what they’ve got.  Jim, split wide right, and go deep.”  That meant I would run as fast as I could and try to get behind all the defenders and he would throw me the ball.  Now, nobody has ever accused me of being particularly fast, or even kind of fast.  I thought, first play of the game, and I’m going deep?  As I jogged out to the right, I looked across the line.  We knew most of the guys we were playing, they just worked in another unit.  The guy who jogged out to cover me was about 4 inches shorter than me, but probably 50 pounds lighter, and LOTS of people had accused him of being fast.  In fact, he wasreal  fast.  I thought, first play of the game, and I’m going deep, and I’ve got a fast guy covering me.  Great.  I was just hoping his big “afro” might cause some kind of wind drag. When the ball was snapped (or “hiked” for all you non-football fans) I took off, relatively speaking.  He back-pedaled as I ran toward him.  He probably thought he was going to have time for a snack before I got there.  I knew I could not beat him deep with speed, so I made “a move.”  Just before I thought he was going to turn to run with me, I took a half-step toward the center of the field, slightly turning my shoulders as I stepped.  That was all it took.  The fast guy turned to the inside because that’s where he thought I was going.  I went by him like he was standing still.  The quarterback launched the pass, and I somehow ran under it.  Touchdown, from about 70 yards out.  How?  I went deep.  Against the odds, I went deep. Twice more in the same game, I went deep again, with the same result.   The goal of the offense in a football game is to score.   The goal in me going to Africa is that the Basotho might know the One true God and worship Him.  The “Go Deep” churches are launching us through their prayerful support.  Without them, we cannot go.  Without them we are just running.  They are getting us behind the defense.  They are “going deep” with us into the Maluti Mountains.  We cannot rely on speed.  They truly are “our move.”  They are what will enable us to get deep within the enemy’s strongholds, break down his defenses, and plant churches.  They are the ones who intercede on our behalf, and ask for the grace of God to flow to the Basotho.  Thanks to all of our partners.  Against all odds, “Let’s see what they’ve got.  Go Deep!”


Thanks to all of our “Going Deep” Church Prayer Partners!

The following churches have committed to “going deep” with us as we strive to reach the Basotho people for Christ, planting churches in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho, Africa:

River Oak Church, Chesapeake, VA
Simmons Baptist, Simmons, MO
Hamlin Baptist, Springfield MO
Lone Star Baptist, Willard, MO
Primera Iglesia Bautista, Corpus Christi, TX
Primera Iglesia Bautista, Calallen, TX
Ozark Baptist, Houston, MO
Selmore Baptist, Selmore, MO
Fellowship Baptist, Sidney, MT
Kennefick Baptist, Kennefick, TX
FBC Perryton, Perryton, TX
FBC Clarendon, Clarendon, TX
White Oak Baptist, Walnut Ridge, AR
Glenstone Baptist, Springfield, MO
Watson Chapel Baptist, Pine Bluff, AR
FBC Walnut Grove, Walnut Grove, MO
FBC Jackson, Jackson, MO
Life’s Hope, Marietta, GA
Grace Pointe, Marietta, GA
FBC Batesville, Batesville, AR

These churches have entered this strategic partnership.  Pray for them as they continue to seek the Lord concerning how they might best serve to expand the Kingdom of God in Lesotho.



  1. I just found your blog.
    May God bless you as you faithfully serve him. I returned a few days ago after ministering in Lesotho. It is a beautiful country and I pray that God’s presence will be with you throughout your stay.

  2. i really mss your phone calls, but I really enjoy the blog. I pray for all of you every night. I think my bedtime is about the time you begin your day. It sounds like you have new adventures every day. I know you must be getting very impatient to get to your ministry in the Maluti Mountains. All of the training and preparations you are getting are very impressive. I am very thankful for that. I love you! MOM

  3. Brother Jim and Family
    We are praying for you guys. Also for your medical condition. I look forward to meeting you. Take good care of Bruce, Brandon, and Kendra as I know they are in the Lords hands. I am praying for the Lesotho people and for God to open their hearts and minds to all God has to say to them through you all.

    In Christ
    Larry Rogers
    Associate Pastor
    Life’s Hope Baptist Church
    Marietta Ga. 30060

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