Mission Tracks

Lumela bo ‘me le bo ‘ntate! Khotsong oa Jesu Kriste!

 Thank you so much for considering a mission trip to the Maluti Mountains! Our sincere belief is that very few people are unable and unequipped to take part in missions. With that in mind, Teresa and I have developed several options for your mission teams. These are always under development and changing, and as usual, we want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and flexible in our ministry. As a result, if you have more or different ideas, we would be glad to discuss them with you. Please pray about which ministries fit your team and what you believe the Lord would have you accomplish as a result of your time in Lesotho. Team sizes will vary according to the track or tracks selected.

 Mission Tracks


  1. Pioneer Teams

  2. Prayer Teams

  3. Pastoral Training Teams

  4. Practical Teams


    These Tracks break down into the following categories with brief descriptions:

    Pioneer TeamsPony trek to the far peaks and valleys of the Maluti Mountains, reaching the unreached and unevangelized villages of the Maluti Mountains. Share Bible stories with those who may have never heard. Pray with people of the village. Help define and develop “preaching points” in new areas. Help find and map new areas and villages where no Christian work exists. Utilize your time to seek and develop a vision from God about how your church can be involved in reaching the Basotho.

     Prayer Teams– Pray in villages and over villages. Hike, Pony trek or travel by 4 wheel drive into remote areas of the mountains. Stand on top of the mountain, and pray over the villages in the valley. Intercede for the salvation of the Basotho as you engage the lostness of Africa from the ridge of a mountain. Seek how the Lord might involve your church in an increasing fashion.

  Pastoral Training Teams– DOM’s, Associations, Church Staff: invest in the future spiritual leadership of Lesotho. “Equip the equippers” by teaching theology and Biblical Interpretation to those who have no other way to receive this training.

 Practical Teams

  • Teach True Love Waits in local schools and churches

  • Medical Clinics

  • Feed and minister to shepherds

  • Teach women to knit, sew, crochet, quilt . . .

  • Animal care clinics

  • Build “key-hole” gardens for widows, orphanages, or AIDS victims, teaching a Bible study as the garden is built (you won’t need anything…it’s all right here!)

  • Teachers: teach missionary kids for a week. You will equip them, and enable their parents

  • VBS in a village (please remember there will be no electricity or running water!)

The reality of Africa is spiritual darkness. As a result of this reality, spiritual warfare is inevitable. The focus of any team must be to dispel this darkness. Therefore, crucial elements of team preparation must include fervent prayer and preparation to incorporate Bible studies/lessons/sharing the Gospel into each of these tracks as part of our strategy to lead people to Christ and plant healthy churches among the Basotho.

Kea Leboha,

Jim (Keketso) and Teresa (‘Ma’liketso) Flora




  1. Awesome! We will continue to pray. Our family is experiencing some warfare currently, but my GOD is bigger than lost jobs, surgery complications and parenting/grandparenting plans. He will provide a way, if He chooses to allow us be part of a pioneer mission team.

  2. Hi my sister! I need the track that is all about being attached to my sister’s side for 10 days which is what I hope to do in December! 🙂 I will minister however you need me to minister alongside you. I love you dearly!

  3. Here I am Lord, send me!!

  4. Just wondering if you have enough mountain “Pony” to get the Puckett family to the top of the mountains.

  5. : )

  6. I am Jesus’s servant and will serve in any way He leads me in 2012 in the Lesotho mountains!

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