Lottie Moon

What will you give?

What will you give?

 Without the faithful giving of Southern Baptist from around the world we would be unable to take the message of Christ to the Basotho people of Lesotho, Africa.

Lottie Moon
“How many million more souls are to pass into eternity without having heard the name of Jesus?” -Lottie Moon

 Born in Virginia on December 12, 1840, Charlotte Digges Moon grew into a cultured and educated woman. During a sermon in 1873 at her church in Cartersville, Georgia, she heard her call to China to share the gospel. On July 7, 1873, the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention appointed her a missionary to China and in autumn of that year, she set sail for Tengchow. Lottie spent most of her missionary years in Tengchow and P’ingtu where she taught at mission schools and ministered to women. She eventually adopted Chinese dress and learned the Chinese language. Having immersed herself in Chinese culture, Lottie earned respect among many Chinese people and her missions work won many to Christ.

Lottie truly had a heart for the Chinese people and often made personal sacrifices to meet their needs. When famine struck the land, Lottie gave her food to the people, suffering malnutrition as a result. By the time those who were responsible for her welfare realized how serious her condition was, it was too late for medical help. A missionary nurse was bringing her home when Lottie died on board a ship in the harbor at Kobe, Japan, on December 24, 1912. She was 72 years old.

While in China, Lottie wrote letters to the Foreign Mission Board and Baptist women to plead for more missionaries and monetary support to continue and expand missions work among the Chinese people. From her persistent efforts grew the Christmas Offering, first collected by Woman’s Missionary Union and given to the Foreign Mission Board to fund missions in China. In 1919 the Christmas Offering for China was renamed the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for China at the suggestion of Annie Armstrong. In 1926 the offering was renamed the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Foreign Missions.



       Lottie Moon past and present
• 2008 goal: $170 million-this goal was not reached.  Most probably due to the economic situation in the states, Southern Baptists failed to reach the set goal by several million dollars.  As a result, the Master’s and ISC programs have been suspeneded and the Career Program has been limited to 300 missionaries to be sent in the remainder of 2009.  Missionaries on the field have been asked to assess their budget and tighten their belts. 

• $3 billion given since offering’s inception
• $3,315 collected in 1888 for first offering, enough to send three women to China                                    

We ask that you begin praying NOW about what God would have you give in December of 2009 during this year’s Lottie Moon emphasis.  We have a story to tell….and we can’t do it without YOU. 





  1. goood about the little moon

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