Posted by: jflora | May 30, 2016

A Land of Contrasts…

I often think of the contrasts where we live…mountains and valley, cold and hot, people who want to work where there are few job…the list could go on and on. A while back, I was reminded of another contrast. This is a contrast between light and darkness. For those who have been here over the past few month, you know our new gospel presentation compares the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. (The gospel never changes, but the way we present it sure can)

The contrast struck me as we rode into a remote village on horseback. As we rode along the ridge of a mountain, I could hear singing. This was not just any singing, this was men singing. You know, that deep, resonant sound when men really sing. It took me a little while, but I finally found them. They were the young men going to the village from the circumcision school. The circumcision school is where all the young men learn about ancestor worship (aside from the obvious). As we shared the gospel in this village, just across the valley in another village, the young men continued to sing. In one village there was Light. In the other village, there was darkness. In one village, hope was being shared. In the othe village, hopelessness continued to prevail.

Our attendance was not good in the village that day…many had gone across the valley because they knew the men were returning from circumcision school (it really is a BIG deal here).  The crowd was great across the valley.  In Matthew 7, Jesus spoke about two contrasting paths. One was wide. The other was narrow. Many people travel the wide path. Few find the narrow way. We live in a land of contrasts. The darkness continues to fight against the Light. Just as Jesus said, men continue to hide from the Light, because they love the darkness more than the Light. Pray that they will see the Light.

Until ALL have heard, Jim


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