Posted by: jflora | March 5, 2016

Join us in Prayer…


Research shows that less than 2% of the Basotho have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That means that less than 2% of the people have the ability to share a true faith in Jesus Christ alone with others, and be involved in the work and expansion of the Kingdom of God. In reality, we all know that if less than 2% have a true faith, the percentage of people that actually share is much lower. This means that there are few workers in the harvest. In Luke 10:2, Jesus tells us to pray for workers. Would you join us in praying for workers? Would you set a daily alarm (set at 10:02 A.M.), so that when you hear your alarm, you remember to pray that the Lord will send forth workers into His harvest? I would ask for prayer in 2 areas. 1. That God would raise up workers from within the harvest. 2. We have several open and approved missionary positions with the IMB. Would you pray that God calls people to fill those positions to multiply efforts to expand the Kingdom of God in Lesotho?

Perryton July 21, 2011 071

Moruti (Pastor) Phoka on the mountainside…we had stopped for lunch

Until ALL have heard, Jim



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