Posted by: jflora | February 18, 2016

Spiritual Battle

I have always been a warrior at heart. I love biblical manhood and men of the scriptures…real men…warriors. These real men are part of the church, and we are in a war, even if it is a spiritual war, one not against flesh and blood. We should be leading in this war, and leading in preparation for battle. I saw this play out today in our setting here in Lesotho. One of our pastors of a church plant was in court today for being in the wrong place at the wrong time before accepting Jesus. He was sentenced today: 8 years or pay a 16,000 Rand fine. That is the equivalent to about $1000 (USD), which is more money than he will make in his life. I watched as his brothers and sisters prayed, engaging in a spiritual battle for their pastor of this little church plant that is just about a year old. I watched as they went to war. This guy is a gospel sharing machine, and God is blessing his ministry. They did not file an appeal, but sought the face of their God for a way forward in this situation. Men and women alike joined in the battle, and, man, can they pray! There were only about a dozen of them involved, but they were praising and praying. All of them have committed their lives to Christ since we have been in Lesotho. As a warrior, I respect other warriors. As I watched these soldiers engage in this spiritual battle, I wept, which is very unwarrior-like. In a country that is steeped in spiritual darkness, today I saw the soldiers of this baby church battle the darkness for the glory of the Light.



  1. Dear Flora family, I have been praying and asked for answers. No answers unless this news about fine is it. I will help a little but not sure how to get it to you for this purpose.My posts have not come in very easy. I can’t go into them and read all at once, but each one has to connect separately. let me know how to get it to you. alta

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