Posted by: jflora | December 4, 2015

Rain Update…

We have had some rain since my last update…in fact it rained yesterday!  It was light and didn’t last long, but it rained.  It rained all around us today, but it missed us.  The crops are sure looking better, so we are thankful that the Lord is answering your prayers.  Please continue to pray that the Lord of the Harvest brings rain.

On the spiritual side of things, rain also continues to fall. I retuned to Ha Nkaobee today for another round of discipleship, and had 27 at the gathering.  Several of the new believers had shared their testimonies in the village, and several of those who heard the story of Jesus from their friends and neighbors were the new attendees. No new believers today, but we did take a few steps down the road of discipleship.

Yesterday, however, 2 ladies in the village of Ha Ramakoasti committed their lives to following Jesus.  Our journeygirls, Katy and Kelsey have been visiting with and discipling a young lady in that village that recently lost her mother.  In the midst of that, these 2 ladies have been attending their discipleship “meetings.”  They heard the gospel through these 2 journeygirls.  Molimo o ke molemo kanete! (God is truly good!)

Until ALL have heard, Jim




  1. Will continue too pray. God is good, all the time.

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