Posted by: jflora | November 25, 2015

Prayers Again, Please…

I want to thank you again for praying for rain.  However, we need rain again already.  We are behind this year, and the rain has really helped the crops, but we could use another nice, steady rain.  Many villages are still without water.

On another note, I returned today to the village of Ha Nkaobee, where 9 people committed their lives to Christ last week. I returned for discipleship, and we started learning to share our testimony and learning the 2 Kingdoms Gospel presentation, talking about our need to share the story of Jesus and what He has done.  We had some new people this week, and as I taught the 2 Kingdoms, 5 more committed thier lives to Christ!  The journeygirls were in a different village, and watched today as one of the ladies they have been discipling shared the gospel with a woman who also committed her life to Christ.

Rain continues to fall in Lesotho…today it was a spiritual rain!

Until ALL have heard, Jim



  1. Praying with you for rain of every kind!!

  2. Yes

  3. We are praying for your ministry, for rain for the glory of God to be evident in your witness.
    ERVEN ave baptist in Streator il,


  4. Hopefully and prayerfully, you have received a sufficient amount of rain by now. We are going to be discussing you tomorrow AM in our WMU meeting. If you have time, could you please give us an update? Your family is definitely on our prayer warrior’s list. Much love, kind thought, and prayers are sent your way.

    Brenda J ❤

    God Bless J

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