Posted by: jflora | November 20, 2015


Thanks to all who have prayed for rain!  It has been raining here for the past 4 hours…a nice, steady rain.  God is SO good.  In addition to the rain, He also allowed us to share the gospel several times today, with a young man who teaches at one of the schools committing his life to Christ this morning!

The team from Second Baptist Griffin, GA heads out in the morning, and God definately used them here in the mountains.  During their time here, we saw 17 commit their lives to Christ…including the chief and his son in one of the villages we visited. This church hosted an IMB Base Camp a few weeks ago, and have put into practice here, what they learned there.  It was fun to watch them learn and progress throughout the week they have been here.  When someone would commit their life to Christ, one of them would look at the rest of the group and ask, “When does discipleship start?”  One of them would answer, “Right now.”  And they would begin to talk about what that person needed to do to begin a strong walk with Jesus. They have had an incredible week!  They saw people come to Christ, but they also saw others reject the gospel and remain steeped in deep darkness.  One of thise was the last lady we visited this afternoon.  She is old and probably does to have long to live.  She said she would think about the things that were shared, “and maybe later would forsake everything and follow Jesus.”  My prayer is that she does.  The team finsihed the day with hearts heavy for this lady.  Please pray that the Lord continues to work in the hearts of the Basotho.

Until ALL have heard, Jim



  1. PRAISE THE LORD for showing his favor.

    I thank God for every remembrance of you. Good to see your input in LMCO videos.

    Timothy Burgher Sent from my iPhone IN GOD WE TRUST


  2. Hallelujah!Jim W.

  3. Praise the Lord! What a great example of God’s Love!

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