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Posted by: jflora | March 5, 2016

Join us in Prayer…


Research shows that less than 2% of the Basotho have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That means that less than 2% of the people have the ability to share a true faith in Jesus Christ alone with others, and be involved in the work and expansion of the Kingdom of God. In reality, we all know that if less than 2% have a true faith, the percentage of people that actually share is much lower. This means that there are few workers in the harvest. In Luke 10:2, Jesus tells us to pray for workers. Would you join us in praying for workers? Would you set a daily alarm (set at 10:02 A.M.), so that when you hear your alarm, you remember to pray that the Lord will send forth workers into His harvest? I would ask for prayer in 2 areas. 1. That God would raise up workers from within the harvest. 2. We have several open and approved missionary positions with the IMB. Would you pray that God calls people to fill those positions to multiply efforts to expand the Kingdom of God in Lesotho?

Perryton July 21, 2011 071

Moruti (Pastor) Phoka on the mountainside…we had stopped for lunch

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | February 18, 2016

Spiritual Battle

I have always been a warrior at heart. I love biblical manhood and men of the scriptures…real men…warriors. These real men are part of the church, and we are in a war, even if it is a spiritual war, one not against flesh and blood. We should be leading in this war, and leading in preparation for battle. I saw this play out today in our setting here in Lesotho. One of our pastors of a church plant was in court today for being in the wrong place at the wrong time before accepting Jesus. He was sentenced today: 8 years or pay a 16,000 Rand fine. That is the equivalent to about $1000 (USD), which is more money than he will make in his life. I watched as his brothers and sisters prayed, engaging in a spiritual battle for their pastor of this little church plant that is just about a year old. I watched as they went to war. This guy is a gospel sharing machine, and God is blessing his ministry. They did not file an appeal, but sought the face of their God for a way forward in this situation. Men and women alike joined in the battle, and, man, can they pray! There were only about a dozen of them involved, but they were praising and praying. All of them have committed their lives to Christ since we have been in Lesotho. As a warrior, I respect other warriors. As I watched these soldiers engage in this spiritual battle, I wept, which is very unwarrior-like. In a country that is steeped in spiritual darkness, today I saw the soldiers of this baby church battle the darkness for the glory of the Light.

Posted by: jflora | December 22, 2015

A little, but not much…

We are thankful for what we have received, and the crops even look a little better.  The amount of rain we received on Sunday, however, was about 1/4 of an inch.  Please continue to pray that God will send rain.  If we don’t receive rain, the crops are going to fail, and livestock will die by the thousands this winter…but we know the Great Provider!  He is faithful.

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | December 20, 2015

Looking Promising, but…

This is the most promising look for rain that we have had in several weeks…but I need you to pray that God will send the rains to Lesotho.  I was speaking to one of the pastors yesterday, and he said that the people are afraid that “God has forgotten them.” It is very dry and the crops look bad.  The weather forecasts in Lesotho are saying “No rain until March.” You can’t send me a better present on my birthday than about 2-3 inches of a slow rain.  Pray that God sends rain!

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | December 4, 2015

Rain Update…

We have had some rain since my last update…in fact it rained yesterday!  It was light and didn’t last long, but it rained.  It rained all around us today, but it missed us.  The crops are sure looking better, so we are thankful that the Lord is answering your prayers.  Please continue to pray that the Lord of the Harvest brings rain.

On the spiritual side of things, rain also continues to fall. I retuned to Ha Nkaobee today for another round of discipleship, and had 27 at the gathering.  Several of the new believers had shared their testimonies in the village, and several of those who heard the story of Jesus from their friends and neighbors were the new attendees. No new believers today, but we did take a few steps down the road of discipleship.

Yesterday, however, 2 ladies in the village of Ha Ramakoasti committed their lives to following Jesus.  Our journeygirls, Katy and Kelsey have been visiting with and discipling a young lady in that village that recently lost her mother.  In the midst of that, these 2 ladies have been attending their discipleship “meetings.”  They heard the gospel through these 2 journeygirls.  Molimo o ke molemo kanete! (God is truly good!)

Until ALL have heard, Jim


Posted by: jflora | November 25, 2015

Prayers Again, Please…

I want to thank you again for praying for rain.  However, we need rain again already.  We are behind this year, and the rain has really helped the crops, but we could use another nice, steady rain.  Many villages are still without water.

On another note, I returned today to the village of Ha Nkaobee, where 9 people committed their lives to Christ last week. I returned for discipleship, and we started learning to share our testimony and learning the 2 Kingdoms Gospel presentation, talking about our need to share the story of Jesus and what He has done.  We had some new people this week, and as I taught the 2 Kingdoms, 5 more committed thier lives to Christ!  The journeygirls were in a different village, and watched today as one of the ladies they have been discipling shared the gospel with a woman who also committed her life to Christ.

Rain continues to fall in Lesotho…today it was a spiritual rain!

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | November 20, 2015


Thanks to all who have prayed for rain!  It has been raining here for the past 4 hours…a nice, steady rain.  God is SO good.  In addition to the rain, He also allowed us to share the gospel several times today, with a young man who teaches at one of the schools committing his life to Christ this morning!

The team from Second Baptist Griffin, GA heads out in the morning, and God definately used them here in the mountains.  During their time here, we saw 17 commit their lives to Christ…including the chief and his son in one of the villages we visited. This church hosted an IMB Base Camp a few weeks ago, and have put into practice here, what they learned there.  It was fun to watch them learn and progress throughout the week they have been here.  When someone would commit their life to Christ, one of them would look at the rest of the group and ask, “When does discipleship start?”  One of them would answer, “Right now.”  And they would begin to talk about what that person needed to do to begin a strong walk with Jesus. They have had an incredible week!  They saw people come to Christ, but they also saw others reject the gospel and remain steeped in deep darkness.  One of thise was the last lady we visited this afternoon.  She is old and probably does to have long to live.  She said she would think about the things that were shared, “and maybe later would forsake everything and follow Jesus.”  My prayer is that she does.  The team finsihed the day with hearts heavy for this lady.  Please pray that the Lord continues to work in the hearts of the Basotho.

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | November 19, 2015

Prayers, Please….

It has really been a long time since my last blog, and much has transpired since then.  We have seen many commit their lives to Christ, be baptized, and are on their way to being disciples who make disciples.  All of your prayers for these are appreciated.

But tonight, I am asking for prayer in a different area, and the situation is becoming desperate.  We need rain.  Normally the rains come in October.  This year, we are past mid-November, and we have had no measurable rain.  We have had a couple of dust settlers, but those evaporate in a few minutes.  The reservior is lower than I have seen it…there are several places where you can see land in the middle of the reservior.  For those of you who have been fishing with me back near the foot bridge (past Ha Suoane), the water is low enough that I can jump across the river there…and for those of you who have not, the water is usually about 150 yards wide under that bridge.  Crops are wilting as I type.  Many villages have run out of water.  As we are visiting villages, the number 1 prayer request is “pula”(rain).  What a testimony it would be for our God to show HIs power and glory to answer these prayers.

The predictions and forecasts on the radio are not giving much hope…rain sometime in February or March. Would you join me in praying that God will bring rain, both physically and spiritually, to a dry and weary land?

Until ALL have heard, Jim

Posted by: jflora | August 5, 2015

Welcome to Our Team!

In just a few short days, the Basotho team will welcome Leah, Steve, and Isaiah to our team as we partner together with Reclaimed to reach the orphaned and vulnerable children of the mountains. Please PRAY for this sweet family as they leave the US tomorrow headed for Africa! And…the Barnhills are coming home! These kids were so excited when I gave them the great news!DSC_0056

Posted by: jflora | May 16, 2015


I know the questions will be coming, with my wife’s recent post on Facebook of my hand. So, here is my story, and I’m sticking to it…

It was a beautiful day in the Maluti Mountains for a nice pony ride into a remote village to share the gospel.  As is usually the case, when the horses came, one of the men said, “‘Ntate Jim, you must ride this one.”  That means that they don’t think anyone else can ride it. Today, that meant me, too.

All was fine, until my behind hit that little English saddle.  You see, I am slightly larger than your average Mosotho…well, a maybe a little more than slightly. As a result, sometimes the horses are surprised by the difference in weight.  It startles them.  You might even say it alarms them.  Sometimes they do things to get the unexpected weight off their backs. This particular horse did just that.  I was fine for about 3 or 4 jumps…I think that may have led to a false sense of security.  I had been here before and stayed in the saddle.  After those 3 or 4 “jumps,” I came to a very specific realization…it was no longer about staying on, it was about how I was going to hit the ground. I did not have time to choose where, or I would have avoided the rocks…I just had to choose how.  So, I took most of the fall on my forearm, then shoulder…on the rocks.  That is when I noticed that my right foot was still in the stirrup, and the horse was still fairly alarmed. She was taking off, and I was kind of following, right foot first.  It is funny how fast you think when these things happen.  My first thought was to kick the stirrup loose with my other foot.  My left foot was trailing behind, and I thought, “That’s not gonna happen.” She was beginning to drag me pretty good.  I looked at my boot…”I laced it too tight this morning.  It is not coming off.”  The toe of my boot was twisted in the stirrup..”That’s not coming loose anytime soon.  If these guys don’t get her stopped, she is gonna drag me a while.” Fortunately for me, they got her stopped after about 20 yards.  I am skinned up, bruised, and a little sore, but all in all, not in too bad of shape for being bucked off on a bunch of rocks and drug about 20 yards over a bunch more.  They took her away, and one of the guys said, “I am not happy with this horse.”  They brought me another one, we mounted up and went on to the village.  One of the Journeygirls told a Bible story, someone shared their testimony, and I preached.

It has been a really, really long time since a horse shucked me, but yesterday, one did.  I am fairly sure getting shucked hurts worse than it used to.

Until ALL have heard, Jim

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